• Guat Kheng Tan

    Guat Kheng Tan

    I have been dancing for some years before joining Joey’s classes. It was an eye opener for me. For the first time, I start to focus on my core muscles, and learn to be aware of how each set of muscles are being used in dance movements, so that dancing is safe and fun. Joey uses different ways of explaining so students understand. I am grateful to be more self aware and felt self empowered. I am already growing in such a short time, feeling challenged and inspired, from her energies, professional choreography, no nonsense teachings, her readily platform for performance exposure and growth. Dancing is my passion and a meaningful inward journey.

    Hence I am grateful for the shared destiny with Joey and her school of passionate dancers and real people.
  • Irene Choo

    Irene Choo

    Drilling and perfecting dance techniques by Joey. And i love her expressive and creative choreographies
  • Chong Shan Sung

    Chong Shan Sung

    Ms Teacher Joey is an excellent instructor who not only actively trained and honed our dancing skills and techniques, but more importantly, she cultivated our senses to music, our expression of feelings and brought out the gracefulness in our dance. I enjoy her lessons alot and the classes have become a part of my weekly routine and exercise that I could not possibly miss. With that, welcome everyone in joining this family for the joy and passion for dance.
  • Winne Lim

    Winne Lim

    Joey is dedicated, responsible and full of experiences dance instructor. She created relax environment yet did her best by ensuring all her students from different background understood the technics in the easy and simple explanation or demo.
  • Valerie Ng

    Valerie Ng

    Joey has a strong reputation for her high quality dance classes. I had always enjoy my classes with her. The range of styles and levels makes it suitable for anyone. Love it!
  • Doris Teo

    Doris Teo

    Joey is a great teacher, willing to impart her knowledge and totally dedicated to her students, her dance and her teaching. Her class music and choreography for each level is carefully structured to progress students from one level to the next and she is a joy to watch when she dances. I have fun attending her classes and look forward to every lesson.
  • Twinkle Lau

    Twinkle Lau

    Joey's teaching is clear, precise and easy to understand. Not only she explains and demonstrates well. She inspires me too. 2 thumbs up for a great teacher.
  • Yihui


    Joey laoshi always amaze me with her movement and styles in the class. She is a very experienced teacher as she is able to provide a detailed breakdown of the technique and usage of core muscle. Her passion and energy is so awesome!
  • Judy Lim

    Judy Lim

    Anyone who wish to pick up belly dancing, I would strongly recommend JOEY BAY without any hesitation! She's a dedicated belly dance teacher who has great passion in belly dancing. Her class is always full of positive vibes and you will feel rejuvenated after each lesson. I am glad to be one of your students. Thank you, Joey.
  • Phoebe Tan

    Phoebe Tan

    The one to go for to get all the basics right! Joey is never shy to show us what she knows; and takes pains to ensure that everyone does her best. I'm always awed by the enthusiasm she shows to really teach. Thanks for your efforts!
  • Jia Ting

    Jia Ting

    Teacher Joey is one of my favourite dance teachers because she teaches very well by demonstrating and explaining the breakdown steps of even a seemingly easy move. Following her has enhanced my appreciation towards belly dance and made me more disciplined in excecuting the moves. So thank you Joey for being such an inspiring teacher to all of us!
  • Amy


    Joey is a very passionate teacher of belly dance. Not only is she a good dancer herself, she takes the effort to coach each of her students. She has the gift of being able to impart dance skills in a way that is fun and easy to pick up. I enjoy her class a lot.
  • Jennifer Tan

    Jennifer Tan

    In my years with Joey, I've felt so much personal improvement, which what I needed to help develop my self-confidence. She is very patient and great teacher that I would say. She works you hard and you learn a lot. Expect classes to be sweaty and tough, but you'll be carried through with the support of Joey and your classmates. Most importantly, she ensures that we are using the correct muscles to create the movements! Besides that, I have gained new friendship with a group of ladies of common interest that are supportive and great fun to be with.