Are there Belly Dance lessons for professionals?

There are dance studios that offer belly dance lessons that are specially catered for individuals who aspire to do belly dancing in Singapore as a professional career. Unlike your weekly belly dance lessons, this belly dance lesson would prepare individuals with the skills and know-how on choreographing belly dance moves. The belly dance lesson would also be much more focused on developing a unique style specific to an individual.
A professional belly dance lesson
But before you go pro, you should make an honest assessment of your skills. Are you able to put a performance using all the different props such as veils and finger cymbals? Do you know the difference between the traditional Arabic style of belly dancing to the Turkish and Egypt style of belly dancing? Are you able to belly dance continuously for an entire performance without going out of breath while still maintaining that smile and glam? Additionally, you should at least have a year’s worth of training and experience in belly dancing in Singapore before you try to turn professional.
A professional belly dancer belly dancing in Singapore
Most belly dance lessons for professional are taught through private lessons conducted by a trusted mentor or a “going pro” workshop held by professional belly dancers. The belly dance lessons for professional pay more attention to the tiniest detail, providing instant critique and immediate correction. Belly dance lessons for professionals feature a much more rigorous drill, a much more intense body conditioning regime and complex layering as well as very advanced combinations and exciting choreography. The belly dance lesson for professionals would take you beyond the basic hip shakes, conventional shimmies and the usual jiggles towards more confident showmanship, reassuring performance presence and stage work. Belly dance lessons for professionals would also put in the effort to work on aspects such as the theatrical fantasy and rhythmic combinations. The belly dance lesson for professionals focuses on superb arms and footwork coordination and works on the seamless flow as well as the connection between one step and the other. The belly dance lesson for professionals would also concentrate and build on those qualities as those are the same qualities that would set the very best and professional dancers apart, raising their standards to the level expected of professionals in all other dance forms.
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Individuals who are in the belly dance lessons for professionals can also be expected to learn as much as they can about Middle Eastern music. Musical knowledge can be a highly advantageous and essential skill to have as it helps to structure engaging performance, capturing the authenticity and the variety of belly dancing in Singapore. It might also be beneficial for individuals to be networking, make connections and keep in touch with other professional dancers and teachers to get more knowledge and insights on the industry of belly dancing in Singapore.
J Dance Atelier is one of the dance studios that offer professional belly dance lessons in Singapore. Joey Bay, studio founder and head belly dance instructor at J Dance Atelier, has over 12 years of belly dance teaching experience under her belt, in which she has trained numerous students who have gone on to become instructors themselves.