Belly Dancing at Community Centres in Singapore

A belly dance lesson in Singapore

Belly dance in Singapore is shimmying and shaking its way to be a popular and dazzling dance form here, especially with the ladies. As a result of this growing passion and a budding interest in belly dancing, the People’s Association (PA) have started to offer belly dance lesson as one of the many courses available for the public to take up at selected community centres (CC) across the country.
From its role as a humble and simple communal building to the sophisticated club it is today, the community centre (CC), with its modern facilities, has become quite the quintessential feature in the heartlands of any Singapore neighbourhood. The community centre (CC) is still the common place in any neighbourhood to host public events or gatherings and provide amenities for the public to use such as basketball courts, badminton halls, football fields, function rooms and dance studios for various community development activities that also foster social unity.
As a dance form, belly dance in Singapore is one activity that both promotes a healthy active lifestyle and maintains multiracial harmony. Belly dance lesson welcomes everyone of all shapes and size as well as fitness level and can provide you with the killer workout you need to stay healthy and dance away the stress. Belly dancing is a fun calorie-burning and muscle-toning dance form and exercise that would definitely work out your core muscles. The sharp, quick-paced and natural movements of belly dance help to align the body and back as well as strengthen the supporting muscles. Additionally, individuals are bound to meet people from many diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in their belly dance lesson and will get the chance to experience as well as learn from these different cultures through the shared passion and particular interest in belly dancing. While the traditional art form of belly dancing may have originated from Middle East countries such as Egypt and Turkey, belly dancing is now part of an ever-growing international community as belly dance lesson is being conducted all around the world.
Belly dancing performance
People’s Association (PA) offers different levels of belly dance lesson conducted at some of their community centres; Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and even a class on the techniques of belly dancing. Participants will learn the necessary belly dancing moves that include hip slides, hip circles, hula-hula, reptile charm, hip shimmies, upper body isolations, hip twists, hip drop and Egyptian walk. The belly dance lesson would also introduce the use of veil and cymbals. Participants for the class on the techniques of belly dancing would learn the different techniques to create a combination of various core moves and apply them harmoniously and gracefully in sync to the beat of Middle Eastern music.
Belly dancing is a hip-notising performance
Perhaps it is the colourful costume and the elegant props. Or maybe it is the joyous, upbeat Egyptian music that is accompanied by the fluid and sharp movements of the belly dancers. Whatever it may be, belly dancing is a hip-notising performance that is sure to get heads turned and hips shimmying.