What typically goes on in a Belly Dancing Lesson?

we’re ready to start our belly dance lesson

Belly dancing is a non-impact exercise that is suitable for all ages. Belly dancing usually involves isolation; focusing on your core and improving the flexibility and the posture of your body. Belly dance lessons are generally accessible to all – dancers or non-dancers. Individuals – young, old and all type of sizes – from all walks of life are welcome to take up belly dance as a hobby. Different studios might have different dress codes but typically you would want to go to a belly dance class in your most comfortable yoga gear or gym clothes. The next important thing after wearing the right clothes is to have the right state of mind when you are on the way to your first belly dance class.
Belly dancing can be a killer workout, so you can expect to sweat…a lot with every belly dance lessons. Just remind yourself that the longer you stay on your feet, moving your hips and contorting your body, the more calories you will burn!
You can also be expected to be pushed past your boundaries and beyond your comfort zone. Be a good sport, challenge yourself to try something new and give belly dance a go and you will find that the belly dance class is a great way to build up your confidence and overall level of fitness.
props for belly dancing
Belly dance class usually begins with warm-up stretches to effectively warm-up the whole body before you start belly dancing. Don’t worry if you have the most rigid body as instructors would usually go around to correct your postures and stance. It would start off with simple moves moving in-sync to the rhythmic Middle Eastern beats. The most frequently used belly dance moves feature the movements of the hips, the chest and the head while arms frame the body. Individuals would be taught how to isolate the dance movements by either keeping the upper body or lower body still to ensure that they are using the correct muscles. As the belly dance lessons progress, individuals would be taught how to layer and combine the different movements together. Hip and shoulder shimmies are the two most popular fast movements of belly dancing that is guaranteed to get your heart beating, kick-start your metabolism while getting rid of any tummy flab.
Veils in belly dance class
As your class progresses, you would be required to wear or start using props such as a coin belt, hip scarf, finger cymbals and even veils in your belly dancing routine. A coin belt would make a tinkling sound when jiggled and adds an extra visual element to see the hips moving. The use of finger cymbals trains fingers to be more dexterous and work independently. Vigorous hip movements strengthen the legs and muscles whereas dancing with a veil can help promote a better posture as well as build strength in the upper body, arms and shoulders.
Belly dance class is a muscle-aching, calorie-burning and muscle-toning exercise that would definitely put your core muscle to work while having fun. At the end of every belly dance lessons, you would be exhausted and would have moved muscles you didn’t know exist but you would also boost your self-confidence and appreciate your own body. Just show up for belly dancing and just have fun and feel great! Hips don’t lie, fitness and a healthy active lifestyle can be fun when you’ve found the right fit.