What Are The Different Types of Belly Dance Classes Available At J Dance Atelier?

There is a total of six belly dance classes that are available at J Dance Atelier; they are mainly the Beginners class, the Intermediate class, the Advanced class, the Choreography class, the Children Belly dance class and the Technique Open Class. J Dance Atelier conducts all the belly dance lessons with certified belly dance instructors, seven days a week at J Dance Atelier’s Dance Studio that is located at 339B Beach Road, Singapore. J Dance Atelier also conducts corporate classes on request and would provide the qualified instructors to the corporation’s premises for the belly dance lessons. Any ladies who have had no prior experience but are interested and passionate in experiencing an incredible journey of Middle Eastern Dance form are welcome to register and sign up for the programme. With J Dance Atelier carefully structured course programme, time and effort, inexperienced individuals can transform themselves to be a professional belly dancer or even a belly dancer instructor.
A belly dance class
The Beginners class is the starter class offered by J Dance Atelier Belly Dance Singapore. If you are aged 12 and above with no prior dance background, then this belly dance class is just for you. This belly dance lesson would train individuals to improve their posture and framing as well as build a strong foundation in basic belly dance movements.
The Intermediate class is the next immediate belly dance class after the beginners. This belly dance lesson would provide the introduction to the different dance styles such as Oriental and Folkloric, teaches a slightly advanced belly dance techniques and incorporates the usage of props. Individuals who are interested in this belly dance class are required to complete stage 4 of the Beginners class.
A belly dance lesson
The Advance belly dance class is opened to individuals who have completed stage 4 of the intermediate class. Through the syllabus of this belly dance lesson, individuals would learn how to focus on the energy flow, the gracefulness, the balancing skill, the coordination of body and arms movements and utilise the usage of space.
With only a few belly dance lessons, you could be performing!
J Dance Atelier also offers choreography class for individuals who aspire to be professional belly dancers or belly dancer teachers. This belly dance class focuses on the development of a unique style specifically for an individual. This belly dance class would also equip individuals with the fundamentals know-how on choreographing a dance move. This belly dance lesson would require the completion of stage 4 of the Advance class.
J Dance Atelier also conducts two belly dance lessons for children; a belly dance class for children age 3-6 years and a separate belly dance class for children age 7-12 years. J Dance Atelier believes that the elegant and expressive Middle Eastern dance form of belly dancing will help groom your child to be a confident and graceful dancer as well as develop a sense of rhythm, creativity and improved body flexibility.
J Dance Atelier also offers a Technique Open Class at the beginners, intermediate and advanced stage. This belly dance lesson breaks down the dance movements covered in the belly dance lessons and pays particular attention to the intricacies of the various dance steps with the hopes of improving the dancer’s agility.